Sunday, June 12, 2011

Should we be screening for Down Syndrome?

CLICK HERE to see 60 minutes story from New Zealand on DS screening controversy

Google Down Syndrome screening and you will find all types of technologies for prenatal screening.  But what do potential parents do with this information?  Unfortunately most "terminate".  We need to educate, not terminate.

Be gentle.


  1. I am not a fan of these screenings...I did put Maddie in a test case for "detecting" Ds in the 8 week of gestation...I am not proud I did the time I thought it was a women right to choose...that I understood the need to know...and to have a choice on how to proceed...but my thoughts have changed since Maddie and being at peace with her and Ds...I now cannot wrap my head around the thought of wanting to terminate my child...and the thought of someone not wanting my Maddie is just sad...I am going to google it...thanks! hope all your goodbyes went has to be hard...smiles


    Here is a link I saw this morning about DS screening.


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