Monday, March 12, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day is approaching!

Reminder to all......

World Down Syndrome Day, 3/21 – Press Release

World Down Syndrome Day is coming up on March 21st (3/21 because of the 3 chromosomes n. 21 people with Down syndrome have).
It is going to be the first one to be observed by the 193 UN countries, after approval of a resolution, led by Brazil, in December 2011.
There will be a Conference at the UN to mark the date and 8 self-advocates with Down syndrome from different parts of the world will be presenters. This is groundbreaking, for people with intellectual disabilities have always been spoken for by their parents, carers and specialists. And finally, in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities, they are finally getting to speak up, after all, “Nothing about us, without us” is the motto of the disability movement.
Its interesting as well as worrying times for this population. The advance of science, at the same time that give us countless possibilities – heart operation or the use of iPad for communication and educational purposes, to name just a few, has brought us also the possibility to easily search and destroy embryos with DS, what could in a short time lead to the extinction of these individuals (Denmark and other european countries are getting there – of course, the poor countries will never have the “skills” to do the same). To give you an idea of how serious the situation is, a group of parents from New Zeland is appealing to the International Court to change the government’s policy on termination of babies with Down syndrome.
Paradoxically, people with Down syndrome are striving, as it has never been imagined possible only 30 years ago, going to inclusive schools, universities, having real jobs, getting married and bearing children (Two married women in Brazil have had kids without disabilities).
So, if you want to discuss further any of this or need sources for stories, dont hesitate to contact me.  Patricia Almeida – 1-917-428-4756.
The details on the UN event and World Down Syndrome’s day info is on the link below.
The page of World Down Syndrome Day with a list of events around the world to celebrate the date:
Facebook Fan page:
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To put a WDSD badge on your Facebook profile:
To buy a t-shirt, mug or bag with the official logo
Down Syndrome International’s website
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