Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did I mention I love my son's school program?

I love Davey's program at his middle school.  I love his teacher and aides.  Davey is treated like one of the 7th graders.  Not a 7th grader in a special program at a regular school.  Davey is treated like a typical kid, allowed to make friends, learn and grow.  The fact that Davey happens to have Down Syndrome is not important.  He is just a kid when he is at school, and he loves it!

I think I have mentioned before that Davey's program is a program that allows him to participate in regular 7th grade activities and classes, while tailoring his academic needs to his current level of knowledge.  He is in an enclosed classroom where he has one on one instruction in reading, math and social studies.  He attends PE, science and his elective (choir) with the "typical" kids.  One of the things that his enclosed classroom does is teach life skills, including cooking, cleaning, shopping, and interacting in public.

Yesterday, the class went to a pumpkin patch.  Davey's wonderful teacher Heidi, sent me a few photos of the day at the pumpkin patch and the fun that was had by all!

Enjoy these beautiful smiles.

Be gentle.

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