Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hug your child tonight

I am praying for peace for a family tonight.  This family is part of a special group of families.  Our family is also part of this group.  We met online and have "been there and done that" through so many events with our children together.  You see, this special group is for families that have twins, triplets, or more and/or have one or more children with Down Syndrome.  We all originally met on a yahoo group.  Gradually, we all found each other on Facebook and since have a page where we all keep up to date with our children.  We are there to support each other, give advice and just listen.

When our boys were born, I never felt like we really belonged to the "twin" group.  And it was so much different having twins and then having one with Down Syndrome.  One day, when the boys were about nine months old, I found the multiples group online and I finally felt like I had found other folk who could understand some of the challenges we were having as a family.  We have had a a long friendship.  I value that friendship. I love seeing the pictures of my friends children as they grow. We discuss things that work and don't work raising our children.   We even exchange Holiday Cards with pictures of our families every year.  We welcome other families into our group.  They feel accepted.

Yesterday, one of the families posted than Suzanne was going to go in for a procedure.  Later, this Mamma posted on Facebook that Suzanne had a problem under anesthesia.  Today, my friend posted....  "Pray for Suzanne, she is getting her wings.  Fly baby, fly HIGH!  We Love You, Mamma, Dadda and Lindsay!!!"

Hug your child tonight.

Be gentle.


  1. Lots and lots of hugs, for you and your family, and for the family you wrote about, and for all the families in your group. xoxo

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