Saturday, December 3, 2011

Books for grade school children?

What books do you recommend for grade school children to explain down syndrome and other special needs to typical children?  I try to make sure we have plenty of books of all kinds in our home, but I especially enjoy those books that show inclusion and open discussions for children to learn about all people.  Here are a few that we have in our library.

Someone Special, Just like you.
Tricia Brown, Fran Ortiz

My Friend Isabelle
My Friend Isabelle
Eliza Woloson

Special People, Special Ways
Special People Special Ways
Arlene McGuire

My Friend Has Down Syndrome
Jennifer Moore-Malinos

What books are in your library?

Be gentle.


  1. One book that I have is "What's Wrong with Timmy?" by Maria Shriver... it's not perfect...but it does have it's good qualities.

  2. I need to check that one out! Thank you.


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