Sunday, February 12, 2012

Davey learned to tie his shoe!

Davey hit a milestone this week.  Kids with Down Syndrome will accomplish everything that typical kids do, they just do it in their own time.  Davey has been working on learning to how to tie his shoe for quite a while now.  We have been buying him shoes with Velcro for the longest time to make it easier for him to put on his own shoes by himself.  His feet had gotten so big lately, that we needed to go back to shoes with laces.  We have been tying his shoes for him. The look of pure joy on Davy's face as he shows us his new skill is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time.

Watch and enjoy!

Be gentle.


  1. Fantastic achievement. It's a rite of passage leaving velcro behind!

    Thanks for hooking this great post up to the Define normal blog hop. If anyone else wants to join in please go to and enter your url into the linky

  2. Happy happy happy happy dance!

    Davey's speech is awesome as well, I might add. Quinn and I watched this together. He was happy too! Quinn can't tie his shoes yet (he's 6), so he was suitably impressed.

    We had a teaching moment as I got to talk to him about Davey and Will being twins like Wyatt and Zoe. <3

  3. Brilliant. Way to go Davey. We stick, like cowards, to velcro, but my son is making improvements with buttons and the like so we may advance to laces one day!

  4. We are working on buttons and zippers too!


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