Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's get Becky to college!

As a parent, I know I want my children to all be successful in life and all have as many opportunities to reach their goals and aspirations. For me, one of the keys to the successes of life is an education.  I want all of my children to have the opportunity to grow and learn in college.   One of my favorite TV shows, Glee has a character on the verge of one of those momentous occasions, completing high school.  For my kids, after high school, college is the next step to their education.  My girls are both graduates of college (Go Team!) and I am encouraging my boys to set the goal of graduating from college and shooting for the stars!

Let's get my favorite character on Glee to college.  Most of Becky's friends who were seniors in last years's season are off to college.  Let's show all of the fans of Glee that going to college and succeeding is a natural progression in life's journey for all, including those with Down Syndrome.

Still of Lauren Potter in Glee

Will you join the Twitter campaign to get Becky to college?  Let's let the writers of Glee know that we ALL want Becky Jackson to go to college.  Tweet using the hashtag  #College4Becky.  

From Disability Scoop.......

College Urged For ‘Glee’ Character With Down Syndrome


When students on Fox’s “Glee” graduated this season, they all headed to college. Now a Twitter campaign is calling on the show’s writers to make the same plan for a character with Down syndrome.
Using the hashtag #College4Becky, a social media push launching this week is encouraging the “Glee” writers to send Becky Jackson to college at the end of the show’s next season. Though the character is believed to be a rising high school senior, little has been said about her future.
“All of Becky’s friends on the show are heading off to college next year. That’s something she can do too — but we haven’t yet heard what her plans are after graduation,” reads an open letter to the writers of “Glee” from the campaign’s organizers at Think College, a national clearinghouse on college options for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities that’s housed at the University of Massachusetts Boston.
“If you make college plans for Becky, you’ll be raising the expectations of all your viewers with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities,” the letter reads.
Currently, Think College’s database lists 199 postsecondary programs at colleges and universities across the country specifically for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Nonetheless, awareness of college options for this population often remains limited.
“We want to plant a seed,” said Meg Grigal, the co-director of the group behind the campaign. “College is a real option for people with intellectual disabilities.”
Lauren Potter, 22, the actress with Down syndrome who plays Becky Jackson on “Glee,” attends Irvine Valley College in Irvine, Calif. in real life.
“I know she will love the idea (of Becky going to college) because she loves the idea that she is in college,” Potter’s mother, Robin Sinkhorn, told Disability Scoop, adding that she had not yet had an opportunity to discuss the campaign with her daughter who was traveling Monday. “It would be a great storyline.”
Potter’s character has long been a fan favorite in the disability community and the actress has not shied away from taking a stand. She’s used her platform as a “Glee” cast member to raise awareness about bullying of people with disabilities among other issues and currently serves as a member of the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.
Officials at Fox did not respond to a request for comment about the Twitter campaign.
“Glee” returns Sept. 13 on Fox.

Let's get the message out there!  We want Becky to go to college!


Be gentle.

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