Monday, May 16, 2011

The Crew

Amy is at such an exciting time in her life. She just graduated from college December 2010. We are so proud of her for making it this far. She is loving and kind. She is so concerned about others. She has such a great group of friends that we really enjoy. What a blessing to have her as our daughter.

Amy loves her dogs. She has two goofy dogs, Jack and Piper. Jack you met briefly in the previous post. He loves chasing balls and playing in water. Piper is a Smooth Fox Terrier. Piper is Jack's partner in crime. She is a snuggler too. And a bed hog.

Kelsey is so close to graduating college (December 2011). She is in the honors program and will graduate with a degree in anthropology. She is looking forward to grad school. Hopefully close to her family.......

Kelsey has been in love with horses for years. She spent her teens being a barn rat and riding her mare April. April is a Canadian Warmblood. April is one spoiled dressage pony.

Davey (or David as he likes to be called now) and Will (William) are twins. They are definitely two distinct individuals. We are so blessed to have both boys. One day I will get into the story of BT (before twins).

Davey is Baby A meaning he was the first twin born. So he is the big brother. And he never lets William forget that. LOL. Davey is funny and a flirt. He loves pretty girls. He is a musician. He LOVES basketball, participating in Special Olympics and all things wrestling.

William is such a serious young man. He loves computers, Lego's, history, birds, Xbox games. He does really well in school. He is sweet, smart and such a great kid.

I don't know how I got so blessed to have such wonderful kids?

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