Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red Betty and the FJ

Our Red Betty, aka kid mobile, aka the Excursion had a slight accident this morning.  The boys were in the Toyota with our Au Pair, Carolina, (which I will tell our wonderful Au Pair experiences in another blog post) on their way to school this morning.  Carolina was backing out of the drive way and somehow backed the Toyota right into Red Betty.  Ouch!  Both cars had some bumper damage.  Luckily no one was hurt and the vehicles can be fixed.  It was just a small accident, no one's fault.  It got me thinking about how quick things can happen.   Love you family and appreciate every moment with them.  Appreciate every little thing.  Boo boos can be fixed.  Be gentle.

 Dad and William inspecting the damage to Red Betty
 William sure that it can't be fixed.
The guys thinking that Red Betty CAN be fixed.


  1. that is no way to start a day!! glad all is ok...smiles

  2. Me too! Needed an extra cup of coffee.


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