Friday, May 18, 2012

just cate

Another book I am looking forward to reading.......  just cate.  It is a story of two lifelong friends and the bond that strengthens when one gives birth to a child with Down Syndrome.

Here is what is being said about this wonderful story of love and friendship.

Just Cate opens in the delivery room with Noelle Alix, a 29-year-old promising finance attorney in a large New York City firm, whose newborn daughter Cate is unexpectedly diagnosed with Down syndrome. On hearing the news, Noelle’s childhood friend Angela Martin is inspired by her quiet faith to write Noelle a sincere note in a baby card assuring her that Cate’s birth was purposeful. This note and this child spark a 12-year journey of renewed faith and friendship for both women—their second stage of growing up. The friends come to discover the simple things they’ve always had in their lives—family, friendship, faith, and unconditional love—matter most. It’s in leaning on and being open to these gifts that they find solace, acceptance, joy, and, ultimately, peace with the lives they have.
In a refreshing twist, Just Cate gives voice to Cate—a child with an indomitable personality that both charms and exhausts her family, her teachers, and her community. Written in alternating diary entries, each author in her own voice, Just Cate describes with humor and heart the angst and joys of raising a child with a disability, the importance of laughter, the pain of losing a parent, the emotional growth that comes with motherhood, the connectivity of faith and everyday life, and the funny and poignant early years of Cate. Readers will embrace this spirited child, whose love for her mom, her robe, her lemons—and getting her way—comes above all else.  


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