Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leader of the Pack

LEADER OF THE PACK web series the hit high school comedy with GLEE star Lauren Potter about a charming white boy who happens to have Down syndrome and pursues a pretty black girl out to save the planet while he remains blind to the love of the adorable girl next door.
Alanna Brown, Luke Spinelli, Lauren Potter

Have you checked out the web series "Leader of the Pack" lately.  It stars one of my heroes Lauren Potter.  Last time I checked in with this series, I had only seen the first webisode.  Now they have three, with three more in the works.  They also have a cool place to get your "Leader of the Pack" mugs, shirts and hats.  They even have a fun Facebook page.  Click HERE to become a fan of this great show.

The Story so far ... Blake has brushed off Lauren PotterJenny and rode away with Joey to show him Denise, Mika and Tiffany. A twist of fate puts Denise and Blake together at the lake much to the chagrin of Derek. Blake escapes a beating. He and Joey and sneak back into the Center with the help of Jenny. As Blake and his mom drive off at end of day questions arise: Will Blake be exposed? Does he really stand a chance with Denise? Will jenny ever get to show Blake how she truly feels?

Leader of the Pack web series

And guess what, they now are 503c so you can make tax deductible donations to keep this great series going.  Click HERE to make a donation.

Take a few minutes, kick off your shoes and enjoy this fun series!

Be gentle.

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