Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do you teach your children to sign?

Did you know that American Sign Language is the third most used language in the United States?  Children with Down Syndrome and other speech delays can benefit from learning sign language.  We started using ASL with our boys when they were about 5 months old.  I was amazed the first time William used the sign more while sitting in the cart at the grocery store.
David and I found that it was so much easier for the boys to communicate their needs to us with the addition of sign language to their vocabulary.  David had evening bath duty when the boys were little.  The boys would sign done when they were ready to get out of the tub.  It was so awesome to know that they were done playing and being silly in the water and ready to get out with out a major meltdown.

Davey and Will are now 11 years old.  We still use a few signs to communicate.  The teachers at school use sign language daily in Davey's class.  Will is really good at interpreting for us if Dad and I do not remember the sign.  I would much rather have Davey sign that he needs to use the rest room than yell it out in public.  LOL.

We tried learning a new sign every few days when the boys were little.  One of Davey's favorite signs to use was orange.

William liked blue.

I love happy babies.  I love watching other people's babies when we are out and about using their sign language skills.  I love it that I could help make my boys happy toddlers by teaching them another way to communicate with signs.



The boys also love watching when we see people sign language in public.  What a great gift for the boys to be excited and welcoming of all people regardless of the language they speak.

Be gentle.


  1. It's called the language of love. We have an interpreter at Mass on Sunday mornings, and I love watching her graceful gestures. what a wonderful way to communicate with children, even if/after they learn to speak. thanks for sharing.

  2. How awesome! I bet that is so beautiful. I love watching people sgn too.

    We went to a concert and saw Miranda Lambert. They had someone signing the music. It was fantastic.


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