Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shopping fun

Yesterday evening we made a Target run.  It is one of our favorite places shop.  We always find something fun to look at and for the boys to dream about.  LOL.  BUT, I always forget to add an extra half hour or so just to get through the store because the boys love looking at all the cool stuff.  We were sandal shopping.  William found a really fun pair.  Davey has very wide feet so it is always interesting to find a pair that fit well.  We ended up with a pair of crocs for Davey.  He was so happy with them.  They were plenty wide enough and cool and comfy on his feet.  Our fifteen minute trip into Target took almost an hour, but fun was had by all!
Davey loved this chair and said he wanted one for his room.

William loves controlling the cart

Silly dirty face after our snack

Are we done yet?

Proud of his new sandals
Be gentle.

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