Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I am always amazed the impact Davey has on people.  He makes them smile.  He always has something positive to say to them like "you are beautiful", "have a great day", "Can I have a hug?" "hi buddy".  What a gift he has given me and my family.  We all should have a Davey in our lives to make us smile.  Our family is blessed that we have Davey and his twin brother Will to make us smile.  Who makes you smile?

Be gentle.


  1. Will and Davey are such handsome boys!! How sweet of Davey to think of others!
    My Samson is kind of rough around the edges! :o) He warms up to you if you have something he wants! LOL! Such a stinker!

  2. Sounds like Samson is a guy I want to meet!

    Be gentle,


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