Sunday, September 4, 2011

Growing and growing

With the start of a new school year, it also becomes time to inventory the boys clothes.  By looking at their clothes, I realize how much they have grown over the last few months.  So hard to believe the sweet little babies are now growing into young men.  Where have the last 11 1/2 years gone?

William is growing so tall and is still a skinny mini.  He is also getting getting more picky and really reminds me of his older sisters with his choice in clothes.  Will and I sat down at the computer yesterday to order him new clothes for school.  I offered to take him into town to go shopping, but he said he would rather just shop online and not bother with the "trauma" of shopping.  Jeez.  What a guy.  He has really developed his own style of dress and knows what he likes and doesn't like.  At 11 years old!  William only likes to shop at Old Navy these days.  So we logged onto the site and started shopping. He did a good job and chose sensible clothes.  I reminded him again before I hi the "purchase" button that we could still drive to the store and try these clothes on and bring them home today.  He said to me, "no, I am good.  I can wait for them to arrive."  So we now wait for the UPS man to arrive with that package for William.  Anticipation.

Davey and clothes.  Now that is another story.  More so I should say lack of clothes.  Davey is most comfortable running around in just his boxers.  As soon as he walks in the front door, off come the clothes.  LOL.

Davey does have to wear clothes part of the time, much to his concern, so we do have to shop for him.  It is difficult to find clothes that are comfortable, practical and hold up to his hard play.  Kids with DS have a tend to have a different body shape.  And Davey has short legs and a round shape.  It makes it hard to find clothes that fit well.  He also LOVES eating and that makes it interesting to find clothes that fit.  We are working on healthy eating habits.  We are working on portion control.  But he still likes to eat.  So we search for clothes that fit around his middle comfortably and also fit the length.  Quite the adventure.  Lately Dave has been living in shorts and t-shirts.  And the shorts have to have elastic.  We have zippers, buttons and snaps in his IEP, but we are still working on getting his stubby fingers to do the job the way he wants them to work.  SO, to make life easier, we get him clothes that are easy on and off.  I am glad that Davey is not brand conscious yet.  He still loves eating more than clothes.  I am sure the day will come though.

My boys are growing and growing.

Be gentle.

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