Sunday, September 18, 2011

He is an artist

Davey has always been artistic.  If fact, we had artwork on all the walls done by Davey at our previous home (And on the floors and furniture.  You get the point).  I didn't want to paint over the one he did on our bedroom wall.  It stayed there proudly on the wall as long as we lived in that house.  We worked for a long time to teach him to draw on the correct media.  "Color on the paper, NOT on the walls!"

Davey is growing up and changing, but his love of drawing has continued.  He really has gotten the hang of coloring only on the paper.  He also keeps his supplies organized and puts them away when he is done.  He colors and draws on a daily basis.  He stays in the lines and really makes some beautiful designs.  I love encouraging his talent.  He makes me so proud.

and yes, he loves to multitask
We can't convince him to wear clothes once he gets home.  As soon as he walks in the door, off comes the t-shirt and shorts.  His standard outfit for home attire is his boxers.  That's it!  Gotta learn to pick your battles.  This is one battle I choose not to fight with him at this point.  LOL

Be gentle.

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